Plumbing & Heating Services

Boiler Servicing

Gas Boilers, LPG Boilers and Oil Boilers

I provide Boiler Servicing, Boiler Installation and Boiler Repairs for Gas Boilers, LPG Boilers and Oil Boilers. If you are presently living without a boiler, you no doubt realise what a big part they play in keeping your home running. Regular Gas Boiler Servicing ensures that your boiler is safe for you and your family. Regular servicing can also help keep your boiler efficient. Having an efficient boiler can save you money on your energy bills.

Servicing your boiler is important. An un-serviced boiler runs the risk of leaking Carbon Monoxide. If you are looking to get your boiler serviced, whether it be a Gas Boiler, LPG Boiler or an Oil Boiler, please get in touch.

Boiler Replacement

Worcester Boilers and Vaillant Boilers

I specialise in Boiler Replacement and Boiler Installation using the best quality boilers available. I am qualified to install Worcester Boilers and Vaillant Boilers. Since 2006 I've installed at least 130 Worcester Boilers and many more (I've lost count).

I understand that Boiler Installation / Replacement is a big commitment so please get in touch for a free no obligation quote.

Heating Systems

Servicing, Installation, Repairs and Power Flushing

I am qualified to carry out Servicing, Installation, Repairs and Power Flushing on a wide range of heating systems.

A minor Boiler Service usually takes around 1 hour, a major service takes between 2 to 4 hours. Power Flushing serves to remove corrosion debris, sludge and scale. Power Flushing* can help your system to be more efficient (saving you money), eliminate rattling noise and heat your radiators better. If you are interested in a Power Flushing Treatment for your boiler please get in touch for a free no obligation Quote.

*If the problem is caused by a blockage.

High Performance Hot Water Systems

Environmentally Friendly and Cost Effective

A High efficiency Hot Water System is more enviromentally friendly and can be cheaper to run than a regular system. Imagine you're at home with all the radiators on full heat...and all the windows open. You may still be warm but a high percentage of the heat would be wasted, that wouldn't be very efficient or cost effective.

Similarly, ordinary boilers lose some of "the heat" to varying degrees. A High Performance Water System is like having the "windows shut" and a small amount of heat escaping through a creaky floorboard. If you are interested in installing or replacing your Boiler with a HPHWS please get in touch for a free no obligation Quote.

Our Other Heating & Plumbing Services

  • Boiler (Gas, LPG and Oil) - Service, Installation and Repair
  • Boiler Replacements (Specialist in Worcester and Vaillant Boilers)
  • High Efficiency Boilers
  • Heating system - Service, Installation, Repair and Power Flushing
  • High Performance Hot Water Systems
  • Solar - Solar Thermal Installation, Service and Repair
  • Bathrooms - All aspects of Installation and repair
  • Landlord Certificates - Gas and Oil Fired Appliances
  • Gas and Oil Safety Certicates
  • Gas - Fires, Cookers and Hobs Installation, Service and Repair
  • Oil Tank Installation
  • Leaky Toilet, Valve, Tap
  • Mains Pressure Unvented Cylinders - Installation, Service and Repair
  • Gravity Fed and Sealed Heating Systems - Installation, Service and Repair
  • Copper and Stainless Steel Cylinders - Installation and Repair